Ethnomedicine is an examination of the Traditional Medicine dependent on bioactive mixes in plants and creatures and rehearsed by different ethnic gatherings, particularly those with little access to western medications, e.g., indigenous people groups. Frequently these conventions establish huge communications with bugs too, in Africa or around the world. Ethnomedical research is interdisciplinary; in its investigation of conventional prescriptions, it applies the strategies for ethnobotany and medicinal humanities. Frequently, the drug customs it thinks about are protected distinctly by oral tradition. Often these conventions establish noteworthy connections with insects also.

Ethnomedical systems tend to see the mind and body as one entity and they focus on preventative techniques, such as the use of massage therapy, exercise, spices, herbs, and food to heal a diseased or ill individual.


  • Ethnopharmacology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Etnobotany

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