Ayurvedic Medicine

The old Indian medical system, otherwise called Ayurveda, depends on old works that depend on a "natural" and all encompassing way to deal with physical and psychological well-being. Ayurvedic medication is one of the world's most established medical sysytem and stays one of India's conventional human services frameworks. Ayurvedic treatment joins items (principally got from plants, yet may likewise incorporate creature, metal, and mineral), diet, exercise, and way of life.

Medicinal services is a profoundly individualized practice under Ayurvedic standards, which express that everybody has a particular constitution, or prakruti, that decides their physical, physiologic and mental character and illness vulnerability.Those who practice Ayurveda accept each individual is made of five essential components found known to mankind: space, air, fire, water, and earth.These join in the human body to shape three life powers or energies, called doshas. They control how your body functions.


  • Vata Dosha
  • Pitta Dosha
  • Kapha Dosha

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